The Cheesecake Factory The Cheesecake Factory
Restaurant @ Maryland Live! Casino
"Niejadd Evans"
This particular location is no better or worse in terms of the food (taste and quality). This is a restaurant chain, after all. So, no complaints there. The only issue I’ve had with this location is the to-go process as it relates to orders placed ahead (online or by phone). They don’t have a dedicated employee to assist customers who ordered ahead and are just there to pick-up. They offer online ordering, but then counteract this by requiring you to stand in the general to-go line when you arrive to pick up. This line is the same line as people who are ordering cheesecake to-go. So, it’s always very crowded. Defeats the purpose of me ordering and paying in advance if I have to wait for 7-8 people/families to order (15 minutes) before I can just pick my food up and leave.