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Jul 8 '18 at 20:37

Big Dog Cafe & Casino

We've lived here for over 15 years and we waited to eat here all these years, just to be very disappointed with the food and portions on our anniversary to top it off. My wife had the Korean chicken fajita dish and I the top sirloin steak. With a pretzel appetizer that came with some horrible dipping sauce, then we had to ask for regular mustard not on the table. When our food arrived my wife's plate had five smaller than mcnuggets sized chicken pieces on her plate. The sides were a pile of old dry rice and the pile of coleslaw was a huge also, it looked as though they thought we would say "wow what a huge portion"! Of what sides? Where's the chicken we paid for? On top of that the chicken was flavorless! My plate had a huge ear of the smallest tasteless burnt corn kernels I've ever had. At least my steak was cooked to medium well, but it didn't even have a sprinkle of salt or pepper while cooking it might as well have been a hamburger as far as taste goes. For the size of the plates and the bungling of the portions and flavors of the food I'd say the price for this place is way too high, and my wife's meal should have been taken off the bill. I will say that after a discussion with the manager she gave us a whole $5.00 off coupon. Always take a picture of your plate if it looks wrong, this is imperative to show the manager who didn't seem to believe us. Apparently the chicken fajita plate is supposed to have 8 oz of chicken but it was more like 3oz chopped into small pieces. Our waitress was good and did what she could to remedy by notifying the manager of our complaint after seeing the chicken portion on my wife's plate. The cooks here obviously cant tell portions or lack experience or just dont care. My recommendation is to go somewhere else, for us first impressions are lasting impressions and we will never visit here again.