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Restaurant @ Rolling Hills Casino
"Katie Templeton"
Lots of slots, but doesn't leave a lot of room. The tables seem to be fun, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and winning a little on the tables. The slots not so much, I don't think we won more than maybe one or two bonus rounds after playing over $200. So that's disappointing. The customer service at the front counter the Shasta Club is amazing. The woman was very polite and she was very informative on how their rewards points work. we didn't get anything to eat there, but I've heard that the cafe and Buffet are good. They do have lodging there. But again we did not stay there overnight. So I'm not sure what the rooms are like or what the pricing is like when it comes to their hotel rooms. Again it was very cramped feeling in the casino with all the slot machines being so close together I do feel they need to expand so that you feel you can walk around and not bump into people as you're walking.