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Jul 3 '18 at 1:12

Saddle Bar

We like some slots and video poker at the bar but we came here for craps. They only have one table. It wasn't crowded so that's ok. It was a blast as my wife an l had a couple of great rolls where everyone won! We went back the next day and it was very enjoyable Then the night came and it was a whole new feel. As we approached the table it was packed. I could barely get a spot as some folks were taking up multiple spots around the table. A dealer is supposed to help, but did not! I walked away and came back a little later. I found a spot and proceeded to help out a man next to me. When i pointed to something on the table the man next to him throws his arm past him, hits my hand and says don't do that. Well he was just a player like me and had no right to do that! The game goes on and he does it again. I tell him you don't work here, back off me! The dealers did nothing! I picked up my chips and met my wife who was playing poker at the bar. You get a comp. Cocktail every half hour. Nice! As we are feeding the machine we are ready for a drink and the bartender is nowhere to be found! For the second time! I read a review that the slots don't pay out as much as they did in the past. ( Ain't that the truth!) They take their time. Even the servers are in no rush. We are good tippers but that didn't seem to matter. The best place to be was by the slots near the bathrooms. This is where the service was the best. People hanging around the slots getting their free drinks quickly. This seemed to be a good place to hang my hat but they just passed us by. Not a good experience. Good service one day and poor the next. Very inconsistent. We will be looking for property around here as it seems like a nice retirement community. But we're still a few years away.