Renee Klomparens
Gun Lake Casino Gun Lake Casino
Wayland, Michigan
"Renee Klomparens"
Well let's see we were waiting for 40 minutes when told it was going to be 30 with 6 adults and 2 children to go to Sandhill Cafe. Mind you it wasn't full on a Sunday morning while waiting a family came right up and walked right in to be seated with the same amount of people. Manager said that it was because they were VIP really my money is just has good as theirs. Then 20 minutes later when we finally got seated we had a accident with a glass of pop and the waitress was cleaning up the table and I asked if she could bring a mop up to clean up the floor under the table she said she would and she never came back. Then when we ordered our food it took so long to come out that people around us were being seated, fed, paid and left before we got our food. We got there and put our reservation in at 10 for breakfast and we finally left the restaurant at 12:30 that to me was way too long and the waiter wasn't even that good. Pretty sad if you ask me. Really don't think that I will ever bring my family again.