Celebrity Grill Celebrity Grill
Restaurant @ Hollywood Casino - Tunica
"Our 2nd Chance"
As I mentioned in other reviews, it is becoming very evident over the years how Penn National and all of the other property owners are neglecting their properties. It’s sad to see what’s happening to Tunica & I hope they turn it around. Specific to Hollywood: I used to love playing here. The excitement and all the hustle/bustle of everything going on led to an excellent experience. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. When we first pulled up, I thought the place was closed. It looked desolate and abandoned. There was no action in the valet area, the marquees were empty, and trash blew along the concrete. So sad. The casino floor was depressing. Once it was hard to find a place to sit. Now you have free roam. Also, when I go anywhere, I want to feel welcomed and appreciated. Not too long ago, I got that in Tunica - everywhere I went. Unfortunately that was not the case during this trip.