Clubhouse Bar
Restaurant @ Keeneland Grounds
"Brandon from Kentucky"
Harness track and (Historical racing machines ) aka Slot machines that seem to never pay out , you won't hear too many bells and whistles going off in here. Save your money! Payouts are awful and You will notice that all machines basically pay out the same amount for instance if you're pacing a two dollar bet you will notice the first payout will be $2.40 are you basically win $.40 Update: went back and machines are still tight. There is no fair gambling commission and most machines are rigged. Don’t believe me play 3 of the same machines and watch the payouts for each of the same machine Update: Newer machines were put in with same concept. Watch the Jackpots as you play some will change some won't. Payouts are still .50 to $3.00 unless you rarely win $5.00-$20.00. Don't come looking for $100 payouts because it will very rarely happen. No one is winning big here unless they want a machine to pay out which they say they can't control but they can.