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"terry thummel"
I have been going to Carrie Underwoods concerts since she won American Idol. I was so upset with this crowd. The people in the first row, right in front of us, were talking LOUDLY during her performance, at one point 4 of them stood and had a loud debate about something. The group right behind us was pretty much doing the same thing. This was a big distraction. It was also disrespectful to Carrie. Too much distraction. I was tempted to say something but afraid I would get assaulted by one of them. They acted like they were at some sports event. Why would someone buy first row seats and act like that. I have never experienced that at any of her other concerts. Security was close by but never said a word. We were in the second row right in front of the stage. Best seats I ever had. Her performance was outstanding. She never disappoints. She sang her heart out. She just gets better and better. Carrie had to deal with her costumes missing but it didn't affect her performance. She had to find an outfit in AC to wear on stage. My heart went out to her. She's the best. I can't wait for her next concert. I doubt I will ever see another show at Hard Rock.