The Greens Buffet The Greens Buffet
Restaurant @ Primm Valley Resort and Casino
"Kitty Ramirez"
We didn't get a king bed as reserved. The room was dirty. There was a bed bug in one of the mattresses since we got stuck with a double bed room. I didn't care about it being old but even the curtains were stained and dark colored so very noticeable. The cleaning staff is by far unproffesional and talking as if they were on the streets telling a little boy he had no business asking for a towel. Staying multiple days u would think you have enough to last. Never again. I will be writing to their corporate office and BBB. This place needs some real attention to get things decent so maybe my next actions can help. Hope others do the same. Oh and the worse thing, denying a man a fridge for his insulin I'm sure there's a law for that somewhere.