Gatsby Dining Room Gatsby Dining Room
Restaurant @ Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort
"Patrick Felger"
It's unfortunate that this review groups the casino and resort into one. Walking into the lobby gave me a fairly promising first impression, everything was well kept with a live pianist outside of LBV. The woman who checked me in at the front desk could use some work on her customer service skills, but the rest of the staff I came across were very friendly and professional, so I give them a pass. Then we drove to our room... When we arrived at our room we were instantly hit with a musty odor. The carpets were dated and dirty, the toilet and bathroom floor hadn't been cleaned, and the lamps had a thick layer of dust on them. The layout of the room is okay and the size was perfect for a couple, but these rooms are well overdue for a remodel. The rooms get 1.5/5 stars. The casino is well kept and the staff is friendly. There is a huge variety of slots and table games. They have a nice free play program and from what I saw a fairly decent win rate. I would give the casino 4.5/5 stars. As I said, if these reviews were listed separately my rating would have differed. Until then, I would give the resort an overall review of 3/5 stars.