The Beach Club 25 The Beach Club 25
Restaurant @ Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower
"Smevin Bravis"
Cool atmosphere and stunning view outside, plus the dancers were great. Earlier DJ was pretty bland and didn't mix the songs very well, but it picked up later on. Drinks are stupid expensive (of course) but the bar staff is super nice. Not the club's fault, but there were a lot of doofuses in the bottle service area clearly wondering why more women weren't impressed with their money, and resorting to pawing at the waitresses. I saw a guy invite a woman back there so he could continually try to grope her while she danced (some guys feel that if they get bottle service they are entitled to any woman in their vicinity I guess) and security was pretty indifferent about it. Seems club security either take the job way too seriously or not at all. All in all, it's a fun place to go, but the charm won't last all night.