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Jul 22 '18 at 6:43
We did not have a good exoerience when we came to dinner. Granted the 3 of us went there after 7 which was probably too late, but they are open til 9 so the food should have been fresh. Instead it was dried out and looked like it had been sitting out for days. Dinner was not cheap. It was $18.95 plus tax and tip came to about $25. I wouldn't have minded the price if I got to eat some good Cajun food and seafood. There was very little left to eat. The little pieces of fried fish were dried. When the waiter came over to ask us how it was, I told him everything was cold and dried out and there was no salad left. He said he would go back and tell them to make some more food. We weren't the only ones in there and people kept coming in for the next hour trying to find something edible. They did restock the salad for us. The Caesar salad was good and the desserts were pretty good too. It was just that the shrimp was minuscule. There wasn't even any crawfish. The mashed potatoes and corn were my comfort food. Since this is the first time I've been here, I got a card from the casino and that gave me a $2 off so that was positive. I think I'll come come back for the Friday Saturday fish Buffet which is $24.99. Like I said price is not an issue but I would like to get an awesome dinner. I have been to so many Casino buffets before all around the country and even in Canada. I usually head for the casino buffet when I come into town because it's usually great with lots of choices. I'm from Arizona which has fabulous casinos and food buffets at Talking Stick and Wild Horse Pass some of my favorites. I was looking forward to good Louisiana cooking but I didn't get it here. The staff was attentive and tried to help but yes it was a disappointment. In my edit I can see that the staff did reach out to me to see if they can make it better and that is a positive. Like I said I might give it one more try while I'm here in town for 10 days. Good news though, we returned to lunch a week later at 11 am when they FIRST opened and everything was great. The food was delicious, fresh and tasty. I guess thats the secret. Go when they firat open. Great lunch!!