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Pechanga Resort & Casino Pechanga Resort & Casino
Temecula, California
"Can't win!"
Overall is Pechanga a nice place to go? Well I'll break it down as painlessly as possible. It all depends on why you are there in the first place. Pechanga now has it's casino and new parking structures so you would probably be thinking Little Las Vegas Right? Your assumption would be wrong .Other than what it looks like from the outside it is far from the glitter and possibility of winning big and moving to an offshore island somewhere in the Bahamas. I've lived in Temecula California my whole life and I personally have seen Pechanga go from a tent with maybe 500 slot machines to the wanna be MGM. 1st and for most as a travel destination for a family ,in my humble opinion would be completely out of the question, unless you don't mind some drugged out lunatic following you around all night waiting for loose change or anything of value to drop out of your pocket and snatch it like a thief in the night along with you poor 8 year old who shouldn't even be there in the morning first place. Second : The lovely Staff ! They have all the warmth and charm of a wall eyed Pike! I'd rather have Freddy cruger sing me a night time lullibiy before bed time. before I would like to approach one of these fine professional cocktail servers! One word frightening service! And last but not least my personal favorite! Winning money!!! Yay!!! NOT SO FAST!!! If you don't mind grabbing your hard earned paycheck witch is insanely over taxed by our wonderful U.S Government, and trowing it right in the trash or handing it over to one of our regular toothless tweekers than Pechanga is the right place for you! But if you are more like me and slightly more stable than I, then don't plan on walking away with more than you elephant ears hanging out of you pants. I've been going since I was 18 and not once have I won more than 500$ at once ,they define the words TIGHT SLOTS!!! And it's even worse now that they built the casino !!! And if you are dim witted enough ,like me... not know that you are going to help be one of that hotels financies then head on down! I'm sure the Tribal elders will come and greet you personally with a HO you do? In all fairness folks STAY THE #$#$ Away from here!!!