Evie Esterad
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Long Beach, California
"Evie Esterad"
This is my first time to take a cruise. It was a trial vacation for me. I was hyped by all the reviews in the comments in the suggestions from friends and neighbors and relatives has already done cruising but when we got there I think I have I have a very high expectation of everything. The food is not as good as I thought it would be. I think because they cook it for over a thousand people for one so that if you get their past their opening time the food is cold and tough and not as great as everyone had said. Service was good as far as the luggages and the people cleaning your rooms but to me that is about it. The entertainment it was great but I thought it would be lots of choices to do so that you can go whenever you want that entertainment was going on but it wasn't. The last night we were there was great because everything was happening all at the same time we were busy place was jumping up and so that was the last night we enjoyed it. Finding your room is always a challenge because it's not a straight shot from wherever it goes up and down so that was a little confusing.