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Ilani Casino Resort
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"Promo offer for july 28th"
Having 40 in my momentum slots play account that evening..rhe forst machine that i spun the wheel and won at ate my first 20.00. Then sexond maxhine i used the winning cash our voucher from the First game. Third machine i used thr leftover cashing out from not uaing up voucher entirely. 4th maxhine i go to retrivr my promo slots plat money, it no longer showed the leftover, but eas suddenly down another 20. ...whatt??? Then withdrew the remaining 20. Played it for a minute. Then go to a 5th machine to check balance, amother 20 gone. Whattt??? After discovering i only had .40 left i figured somethomg was really up. Aftet 2 days and numerous slot supervisors i politely insisted it looked into a higher up supervisor. Teas the evening of the second day this issue was completely resolved by a final 20.00 put back into my slots play frombthe original game. Happy about the outcome? Kinda. I wished it could have gotten resolved in a timely manner when i originally complained.bit tool me 3 yrips backnto casino to get resolved.