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Potawatomi Hotel and Casino Potawatomi Hotel and Casino
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
"Very Discouraged"
Seems like the odds are most in your favor on certain days, Definitely would never recommend Fridays and Saturdays, you definitely notice nearly everyone losing, brings down morale. Very easy to get trapped because there is no other Casino for miles in each direction. ATMs are seemingly rigged so that eventually you would need to go to the cashiers cage to make any further withdrawals at a multiplied rate. The house has TOTAL CONTROL , its very apparent ( by speculation of course)that they are obsessively concerned with assuming thr absolute minimal risk possible. They would rather comp every single player as if they were high rollers than just loosen up the winnings. Its like playing the powerball , And I font like those odds at all. The worst part is Disregarding all the jackpots because they rarely pay out just even portion and NEVER pay out the full amount