Alex Morgan Mc.
Chinook Winds Casino Resort Chinook Winds Casino Resort
Lincoln City, Oregon
"Alex Morgan Mc."
I can't speak to the hotel, but the casino is nice. It's really close to everything you could want, which was a pleasant surprise for me, as I'm used to casinos being kind of out of the way. The people complaining about the cigarette smoke really confuse me. It's a casino...they do tend to smell like smoke and booze and general 21+ activities of the sort. The dealers were great, they were quick to involve security when underage kids were trying to sneak in, and their cashiers were professional and quick. Lots of slot machines if that's your thing, and they have bingo and even a fruit ninja-esque competition on Friday nights. Speaking of Friday nights...there's a seafood buffet. For $22. There's so much crab it's unreal. I try to stop by whenever I'm on the coast. It's lovely.