Ryan Knudsen
Encore Resort Encore Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Ryan Knudsen"
Was here for a bachelor party. Initially I was annoyed by the price of a room. And to be honest, there are definitely cheaper places you could stay in Vegas and have a similar experience. But I don't have any complaints. It was odd to me that we didn't get room service every day. And we didn't hang up a sign or reject it. I wasn't involved in the check in process so maybe we opted out of it? But that was never mentioned and it was very strange to me that nobody ever came by to make the bed. But for all I know maybe all Vegas resorts are like that since people usually have very odd hours while their in town and unlike most places where people will be out during the day maybe they have so many people passed out and not wanting to be bothered that they don't come make the beds and clean up unless you request it. I don't know. It wasn't a huge deal but just a learning experience. The casino at Encore is pretty small and that isn't a bad thing at all. Wynn has a larger casino floor and is a short walk away. The hotel is beautiful and has plenty of anything you could ever want. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who was thinking about staying at Encore or Wynn already. Due to the high price I wouldn't tell any normal folks to choose it over a cheaper option. But I have no complaints.