The Diner at the Depot The Diner at the Depot
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"Aaron Alejandro"
The meatloaf sucks, its like a premade mushy loaf that was microwaved and drowned in gravy. This is one of the first time I've gotten a large serving and been bummed out. The fried zucchini & mushroom appetizer was good, and enough for 4 people. The service was great as well as the prices. Meatloaf is generally something I order to gauge a place, screw it up and there's a good chance l won't be back to try anything else. This is the first time I've been here, probably my last. Update- after getting my food the waitress ignored me for well over 30 minutes, I had to enter the kitchen and ask for my check... This place is garbage, go next door to JD slingers. You won't be disappointed