Cove at Riverview
Restaurant @ Harrah's Philadelphia
"Loka Modrich"
Answer this question, why are we not allowed to enjoy a meal and bet on the ponies, and watch the races all at the same time, go to the Cove. The seating area to watch the races is closed off to patrons. Now let that sink in, you go to a race track. There are plenty of tables, with great views of the race, you want to order a meal and some drinks and it is closed off to paying patrons. I did see the staff sitting there, I am assuming on their break, enjoying the view. So my wife and I sat at the bar and had to stand on our chairs to get a glimpse at the races. Now the bartender, Karen was extremely nice and personable, however the wait staff, could not get their act together, and the hostess was not the nicest person. I am still reliving the she crab soup, which I really think was milk and old bay thrown in a soup bowl. I think we need to take a ride to Parx's next time.