Cosmic Grill Cosmic Grill
Restaurant @ Santa Ana Star Casino
"Angel Garner"
By far one of the best experiences I’ve EVER had at a hotel. The staff is so accommodating and friendly. They were kind enough to find the perfect room for our stay which included the best view during the balloon fiesta and at a very reasonable rate! The hotel rooms and bathrooms are absolutely gorgeous! My kids loved the pool and jacuzzis. The facility was extremely clean and comfortable and I will never stay anywhere else when visiting New Mexico! The staff in the casino are also extremely friendly and accommodating. I’ve never been so well taken care of and truly made to feel like I was important. They know me by a first name basis and even know how I take my coffee and my love of ice chips ☺️ It definitely makes me want to stay longer vs having to travel back home. But now I just have even more to look forward to when I visit the next time. Thank you so much for the pleasant visit! We will definitely be back!