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Oct 22 '18 at 13:32

pedro ignacio

Casino du Lac-Leamy

pedro ignacio
In Oct 16. 2018 at around 6;00 pm. I went to the counter to get my casino card. The lady gave me the card and checked my offers if any. She said that I have $10 playing money and wait 5 minutes after playing in any slot machine to receive the offer. I tried many times to get the $10 but failed. At around 9:00 pm, I went back to the counter to inform about the issue. The man at the counter checked my casino card and told me again to wait another 5 minutes in slot machine playing. I played half an hour and the $10 offer will not activate. I went back the 3rd time and this time the man at the counter even went with me at a slot machine to try the card but it was a failure again. For the fifth time, I went back again at the counter and a lady at the counter again check if my casino card has a$10 offer. After checking,she also went with me in one of the slot machine to see if I am going it right in redeeming my offer. It was correctly done but the $ 10 dollar offer will not function. I then requested for the supervisor and the supervisor came and told me that he cannot give me the $ 10 offer because according to the record, I already redeemed it in Oct 12, 2018. I told the supervisor that I am not for the $10 but just answer my question-WHY DO I HAVE TO GO FIVE TIMES TO THE COUNTER AND GET NO SOLUTION ? The supervisor will not answer my question but kept on telling me that he can not do anything to give me the $10. I Asked for the names of the two counter persons and his name but the supervisor will not give the name and even his name. The supervisor left me with a sign of anger. I am not asking more but just answer my question “WHY FIVE TIMES ....,...? After,5 times of going back and forth to the counter and the rude actions of your supervisor and me a physically handicap person made the whole exercise tiring . total waste of my time and most importantly an insult to my dignity and pride