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At one point in time, Colonel Jared Rogers was leading a convoy across the country on I-90. Along his route, he planned to bring the convoy in to this parking/fueling area. Upon arriving he glimpsed the lot where they were headed in at this fuel stop and ordered the entire convoy to halt, leaving the entire convoy in the street blocking traffic to and from the interstate ramps. He immediately contacted headquarters and ordered an EOD team to fly in via Blackhawk. On the report, all that was said for why such order was given was that "This place just looks too familiar." Some time later, the EOD team arrived. Blackhawk pilot Lieutenant Smithers commented, "I was very surprised to hear the destination and the task of this order. The Colonel wanted an EOD team to fly in and comb over this truck stop for IEDs. I just couldn't believe such an order was given for a domestic gas station." Upon flying over the destination and preparing to land, Lieutenant Smithers had his answer: "Even from the sky it was very clear to me what the Colonel was thinking. No ****, this place looked a hell of a lot like our last deployment...Kabul...the capital of Afghanistan. ------ Neil Armstrong visited this gas station back in August of 1972, a mere 3 years after his greatest accomplishment. He was towing his jet skiis behind his Ford pickup truck and had to pull into the truck fueling area. As soon as he made the turn into the lot, he slammed his breaks and jumped out of his pickup. He ran out into the lot, fell to his knees, grasping the dirt in his hand. Slowly he stood up, looked around, took one leap and said "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." He turned around and walked back to his truck as if there were hardly any gravity...softly brushing away his tears. It was clear, his reunion with our distant moon, was far far off. ----------- Yamaha was looking for a location to build a new motocross track. While driving across the northern portion of the United States, they decided to stop and fuel at this location. It had relatively cheap fuel prices for their haulers so why not? Upon arriving and turning into the lot, they slowly creeped across the surface bouncing to and fro. Suddenly the head of the project halted the vehicle. He got out of the hauler and looked around. "It's perfect!" he said, as he pulled out his checkbook. The head's right hand man informed the team to pull out the bikes and try it out.