Ricarda Weck
Benin Marina Hotel Benin Marina Hotel
"Ricarda Weck"
The rooms are OK, but the service is one of the worst I have ever had in a hotel! We asked for a second blanket. They told us, that there was not even a single possibility to get one, because the hotel had no more blankets than rooms and the rooms couldn't be rented without blankets. Weirdest thing I've ever heard! They charged us with a tax we didn't know about before and didn't match at all with our reservation policies. At last they don't have a shuttle within the town, but just to and from the airport. We asked them to get us from the hotel we stayed the days before to the ibis hotel. It was not possible. So we went spontaneously with the shuttle from the hotel before to the airport and took the ibis-shuttle. Nobody checked, if we were actually guests of the hotel.