Mary-Claire Boyce
Zia Park Casino Zia Park Casino
Hobbs, New Mexico
"Mary-Claire Boyce"
If you are looking for a high quality casino to spend good money at, this casino is not the place. The service was bad. The “free breakfast” was disgusting. The restaurants inside the casino were just OK. They have no room service. They wouldn’t let my boyfriend book a suite because “they only reserve them for high roller gamblers who spend $400,000...” well let me tell you something, when you go to this casino and see the people there? There isn’t one that looks like they are spending $400,000, I’ll tell you that much. They only have a handful of slots. No live dealers or tables. The crowd the casino attracts is seedy. You have to dress way down just to fit in. Hobbs, NM is a little armpit of a place. The service was so disappointing. We had good money to spend and we will be going to a MUCH NICER casino in the future. We will never come back. It was gross. Whole place reeked. Take your money elsewhere if you’re looking for a quality place.