D Demvan
Casino Calgary
Calgary, Alberta
"D Demvan"
Service in their restaurant needs serious improvement, it's hit and miss. It feels like the servers always have something else to do out of sight. Food is OK. The Beef Brisket soup is usually tasty and filling. They decided to jump on the "ban the straws" bandwagon. Not even a paper equivalent to offer. I'm wondering if you order an alcoholic drink you would also be denied a straw. The gaming floor atmosphere is spacious with lots of games to choose from. Always seems to be under staffed - even on weekends. Their old non-smoking room is way too hot. You can't be in there for long without having to leave. They need more Game Makers than the 3 they have which happen to be all located in the "hot" room. UPDATE: The restaurant service has improved recently. Hopefully it's permanent.