Joanne Tobias
Nob Hill Casino Nob Hill Casino
Yakima, Washington
"Joanne Tobias"
Cover was $20, otherwise you’ll be waiting in an hour long line to get in free. Once inside the club is big and it doesn’t even fill up; maybe only 1/4, so I don’t understand the need for any type of line. They said a table is $300. I know this is SF, but so ridiculous. Not even worth it the “table” was wooden and literally only room for the bottle and your “table” doesn’t even have enough room to sit 5 people. Overall the club itself looks like any other cheap club in any other city, but because this is SF, somehow they get away with ridiculous cover. The music was alright, not worth it though. OH YEAH, they promoted the day party until 8pm, but closed by 7 and kicked everyone out.