Dragon Court Dragon Court
Restaurant @ SKYCITY Darwin
"Joy Debnath"
I went to Dragon Court this week after almost two years, on a whim while at the casino with friends. What a difference two years makes (hint, at least 2 stars difference out of 5). We went there about 2 hours before closing time, and asked for a table for 5. There were clearly at least 2-3 large tables free, but they told us they were booked out and would call us that night as soon as table was ready, taking a mobile number. 45 minutes later, knowing that we had a bit over an hour before they were meant to close, we went over to check it out...4-5 free tables, including the ones we saw when we tried earlier. There was one group at the counter near the door, who wanted to pay and leave, but with no staff to process the payment. After a few minutes finally a staff member came over to process their payment, and we mentioned we were expecting a call. They immediately provided us with a tablet. One of our group was not too happy and made a number of snarky comments about not getting a call. The feedback was passed on, and another lady (manager?) came over to advise us that we had arrived *just* as a number of people had left their tables. We expressed some skepticism, which wasn't addressed as she made herself scarce. Not an impressive start to this dining experience, and they clearly forgot to call us, and lied when we enquired about it. An honest apology for the mistake would have been acceptable, rather than insulting our intelligence with lies. Onto the food. Now don't get me wrong, everytime I pass the entrance to Dragon Court, during a casino run, it smells amazing, and was no different this time. We ordered a number of dishes (see attached pics), including Wong's Chicken Curry, Pork in Peking Sauce, roast duck, and my perennial favourite in most Chinese restaurants, mapo tofu (pork mince and tofu). Once seated the waitresses who served us were pleasant and helpful, no complaints there. Starting with Mapo Tofu...what a disappointment. It was bland, and with no spice. It's especially disappointing, as last time I was here it was a flavoursome dish chock full of red dried chillies (none of which were present this time). The Wong's Chicken Curry was chalky and not pleasant, and the roast duck skin was chewy instead of crispy. The Pork in Peking Sauce was nice. Based on food quality, I'd give this place a 2.5 out of 5, maybe a 3 if I were generous. The poor initial experience, and the lying costs at least another star. I may try this place in another 2 years, but for now I'd recommend everyone to stay away.