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Restaurant @ Yakama Nation Legends Casino
"Taygete of Algorab"
Large casino, clean environment, good food, Good service, Awesome staff! You will get your money's worth. BUT, you won't get your money back. Something is fishy with the slot machines. I've been to casinos all over and I've never spent a whole day at the casino with no one winning. I put a lot down on many machines with no payback. I heard no clapping, no jackpots, no winning. You have to expect casinos to take your money... But some of them should win something at some point. Right? Lots of disappointed faces. I recommend reading all reviews throroughly before spending too much time there. Here, you can put over 100$ in the 1$ or 25 cent slots and never hit a bonus, with any machine. The slots don't Pay out like other casinos.