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Feb 19 '19 at 23:02

Mountain View Buffet

Mary Schmerer
We spent the weekend but almost left a day early. This place is so bad. We were frustrated before we even got inside the front door. There is no place to park while checking into the hotel. It was raining really hard and the walkway to the front door goes underneath a roof that had rain POURING off of it right where you have to walk. The girl at the front desk was not friendly. We requested 2 queen beds, we got a king bed for 3 of us to sleep in (thank goodness our kid is still little). Anytime there was someone in the hall, it sounded like they were in our room, which made it hard to sleep. The pool had WAY too much chlorine in it, so much that it was painful. Every place in there was understaffed - the players club, the cashier cages, the buffet, the valet, the coffee shop, everywhere except the hotel front desk which I suspect is because the hotel was not busy. As far as the gambling, we lost too much too fast. The machines wouldn't even play, just sucked up the money. Not even a little fun and the points system is terrible - almost nothing back for a weekend of losing. We will not be back. 2/19/19 UPDATE: I emailed the address provided by Legends with a copy of my reservation confirmation that was emailed to MY email address and includes MY name and contact info which they claim was not made under my name. I also asked them to remove their response as it made it seem as though we had not used the proper channels to voice our frustrations, of course we did. NOBODY CARES!! Obviously, this also shows in the fact that I did not receive a response to my email nor have they removed or edited their response to my review.