harri skeels
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North Sydney, New South Wales
"harri skeels"
Everything seemed to be "too hard for the staff". booking was difficult, arranging a dining time was difficult. and then some of the staff were very rude. For example: I was asked if i cared about the environment when I ordered a cocktail and requested a straw. Yes the bartender asked if i cared about the environment because i requested a straw. I apologised and then requested an environmentally friendly straw, he explained they didn't have any of these. I asked him if he himself even cared about the environment, he replied that he did. I then went on to explain to him that he is currently working on a cruise ship that is burning through 1,100 Gallons of fuel per HOUR and he is refusing to give me a straw to help the environment. What a joke!! It gets worse.... My shore excursion was cancelled. I went to the shore desk and spoke with the manager, the manager explained that he would refund me in full for the cancelled trip and as a gesture of good will, offer me another shore tour of my liking. We picked a river cruise instead. He handed me two tickets and said "i hope you enjoy this instead" I thought, P&O had just saved a very upset customer by giving them a free tour as a gesture of good will, well done P&O... I then saw on my list of expenses that i had been charged nearly $400 for this tour. A tour that i did not give consent to be charged for. a tour that was handed to me as a gesture of good will. had i have known that it would cost me nearly $400 i would have enjoyed my strawless cocktails by the pool instead. Where was the goodwill? Cancelling a tour and charging me in full for a tour i did not really want to go on is not in any way a sign of good will? After this experience i strongly suggest cruising with Carnival or Princess instead... P&O is not worth the time or the money.