High Mountain Buffet High Mountain Buffet
Restaurant @ Coeur D'Alene Casino Resort Hotel
"Stella Mcfarland"
Hospitality is horrible. If you're anywhere from the ages of 18 to 50. I could be sitting next to a senior and no one ever asks me if I need a drink but they will ask the person next to me. I'm more than capable of getting up and getting my own drink but if I am on a good machine which is not very often there they will never ask me for the last four years I've been going there. We have gotten a new room there when they opened for my birthday and the room was very dirty.so we pay a lower price and go to the older rooms if we decide to stay there. The servers at the buffet and restaurants are great but we don't always go down there to eat. It would be nice to feel more welcomed even though we are not a senior spending our retirement money all day everyday. No offense seniors. But we go to the other casinos and they are more welcoming and hospitable there.