Point Defiance Cafe Point Defiance Cafe
Ruston, Washington
"J W"
At the last minute after leaving the Point Defiance Zoo, my son decided he didn't want pizza, he wanted nuggets and fries. Anthony's was the closest spot and I assumed he and his younger sister would find something and the wife and I could get some seafood. No chicken fingers on the kids menu. This is not a bad thing. My 8 year old son decided on the kids salmon with broccoli and fries. He ate it all. There is something to be said about a restaurant that can offer grilled salmon on the kids menu and pull it off in a fantastic way. My daughter (2 years) was happy with her grilled cheese and fries. Seafood platter was great, mahi tacos also very tasty. A bit of chowder and a beer and the meal.was complete.and satisfying. Staff was friendly and attentive but not too in your face. Very clean, and the open concept kitchen was nice. Great views of the water. We look forward to returning in warmer weather for an outdoor meal.