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Feb 12 '19 at 2:10

Jennifer Roscoe

Jennifer Roscoe
My first time there, I went with my husband and brother to play pool and we were warmly welcomed by a gentleman who opened the door for us. I had a favorable impression of the place just from that brief interaction. I was also impressed with how nice everything looked. It quickly went downhill from there for awhile. We went to get a table and the girl at the desk was rude to my brother when he asked her a question. She actually sneered and said “huh”?? Anyway, it took about half an hour before a waitress took our drink order but she did apologize for that. We were having fun so no big deal. We had planned on ordering food UNTIL... I observed one of the waitresses with long blonde hair bend all the way over and throw her hair over her head and start shaking it out. I could see hair flying in all directions and it took her a good five minutes to get her hair the way she wanted it. I resolved not to eat there. About 15 minutes later I saw the front desk girl do the same thing behind the desk, only she left her hair down. Don’t they have bathrooms to perform grooming and hair arrangements? This was in full view of patrons. But our waitress, I think she said her name was Shay, was attentive and friendly. We had a good time but the rude girl at the desk and the two hair-flipping girls diminished my opinion of the place from classy to cheap.