Christina Lopez
Casino Plaza Casino Plaza
"Christina Lopez"
Possibly the worst stay I have ever experience. Arrived to a room with a terrible odor since the room's sink was backed up, cannot complain about the engineer he definitely rushed over to fix our sink situation. After this situation I attempted to give the hotel another chance and brush pass this experience. But the next morning when I woke up to shower there was absolutely no hot water. Called the front desk again and was told they'll check on the pilot and to attempt to turn on the water in 15 minutes. Waited and turned on the water, still cold by the way let it run and it finally heated up. Following day, I had the same situation the morning so my guest let the water run for at least 15 minutes before it came out lukewarm and waited another 5 minutes for it to actually get hot. I suppose the Plaza Hotel enjoys wasting water. I decided not to complain since I figured the best the hotel could do is offer me a refund but I thought I would must rather offer an honest review online something I never do. If you are considering staying here, please don't.