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Restaurant @ WinStar World Casino
"Yvonne King"
Of the two casinos in Oklahoma I prefer TwinStar. They have a good number of very machines and they have a lot of places to eat. However, they have done absolutely nothing about the smoke that hangs in the air in this place. I understand people are going to smoke but I also understand that with all the money they bring in Baker do something about some type of exhaust system where the smoke is pulled into the ceiling. It makes me think that they care nothing at all about their customers. Wearing a face mask doesn't really help you either because the smoke is all in your clothes. I had an invitation to go to the casino and for the one time in my life I had at me of that was actually paid for. When I went to check out the buffet it was closed 2 days after I leave and I'm at home I get a notice that says where the the buffet is going to be closed. It takes me about two and a half hours to get to them and I would have appreciated knowing in advance that the buffet was going to be down. When the buffet is down I bring my food. The machines of Barrett and I find it harder and harder to play cheaply. Even on the penny machines if you're not careful you look up in your whole little Bank Road is gone. Of course if you winning you are a happy camper.