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Dec 30 '18 at 22:09
Il Fornaio

Il Fornaio

Don Williamsen
Went here for happy hour on a Saturday afternoon wanting a sit-down restaurant with table service and draft beer. I ordered the $15 meatballs from the happy hour menu, and they served four golf-ball sized meatballs on an oversized plate. I guess I showed up for $4 per meatball day. Then I ordered a pepperoni pizza from the happy hour menu for $20. It was only a 12-inch pie. It was decent but nothing special. My wife and I ordered several beers and some mixed drinks during our visit. The Maestro drink is $13 each! An Irish coffee cost us $12 each. Somehow, our total bill came to $233! I had no idea how incredibly expensive this restaurant would end up being! Our server, Jessica, was nice and attentive. Still, as a local, this Strip's 'happy hour' menu is more expensive than Olive Garden!