Johnny Farliga
Great Western Racecourse Great Western Racecourse
Halls Gap, Victoria
"Johnny Farliga"
It is an hilarious hotel with an unspecialised stuff. I went there for a week ( check in Monday - check out Sunday ) but I had to stay 2 more days so I had to extend my stay and I spoke to someone in reception. They said Ok and they ask me £120 extra so the stay would be extended. And next day they ask me to leave the hotel becouse I had pay only one more extra day in hotel so I was asked to leave the hotel. I asked them to confirm it with the guy who I paid for the extra stay and they just told me he is not working today. I was so confuse about it becouse I had no other place where to go and they just being Unwelcome with costumes. I won't go again in that hotel and I would never recommend it to my friends. They kicked me out without compensation, with no other place where to go ...