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Oct 12 '16 at 20:32

Josh Jones

Josh Jones
***REVIEW IN PROGRESS AS NOT YET COMPLETED STAY AT RESORT*** Fortunately first impressions AREN'T everything on a 2-week all inclusive holiday because the check-in process was shambolic. After getting off the bus, half of our party of twelve headed into the central lobby to check in while the rest of us waited for our cases. We were then told by someone who looked like a senior porter to get back on the bus which would take us to another lobby. Despite telling him half of our party were already checking in he insisted we get back on the bus. He offered no explanation as to why some of us were being sent elsewhere but after ten minutes of frustration he relented and allowed us to enter. From that point things improved slightly thanks to a welcome drink. We then were told where our room was and given vague directions - the signposting is poor around the whole resort so I recommend using the map provided at check in for the first few days until you get your bearings. Eventually we located our room after asking a few hotel workers. We were in Block 5 which was close to the central lobby, shops and bars but approximately 10 minutes walk to the beach. The room was outstanding, very spacious with a king size bed and hot tub, large bathroom with double shower and a good sized balcony. Optics in the room offer tequila, vodka, white and dark rum. Very impressed. The restaurants were hit and miss. Isla (near the beach and top left of the resort) was best for breakfast; Toro (top centre) was best for lunch; Zen was the one we enjoyed most for evening meals. Wasn't impressed with the food in the Mexican restaurant. Overall the food was decent enough and about what you'd expect from an all inclusive proposition. Best place for drinks was Zen with a choice of premium spirits (I'm a vodka fan and always went for Grey Goose). ***More information will be added once my two weeks are over.***