Nathan Mabie
Cash Magic Winner's Choice Plaza Cash Magic Winner's Choice Plaza
Sulphur, Louisiana
"Nathan Mabie"
It's pretty clear once you get to your room that this hotel has seen better days, but it's fairly cheap and has quick access to Fremont Street. The elevator from the parking garage was malfunctioning, and forced us to use the stairs with all of luggage. It was quite windy on the night we got there, and the doors to the stairwell have nothing to soften their swings close, so it slams violently behind us, so much so that the door literally warps from the force. The casino and lobby are pretty desolate even on a Friday and Saturday night. The room smelt strongly of what I can only describe as shampoo that has dried in an isolated room with no ventilation for a week straight with a sprinkle of bleach. It was unpleasant, but after running the air conditioner for a couple days it became tolerable. The sink in our room was plugged up and water barely trickled through, it also had a bad smell, seems like it needs some work. Also, the hotel seems fairly cheap, but they hit you with a "resort" charge for each day when you check out. Seemed pretty shady.