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May 8 '18 at 15:48

Firesides at Boot Hill

Heartland Tower
We like going here when we're in town, to eat at the restaurant. (and throw a few quarters in the machines) One such time, I parked my new vehicle out as far away from other vehicles as I could, to protect it from door dings, etc.... near two other 'new' vehicles, that had done the same. Came out a couple hours later, to find someone had backed into the front of my vehicle. No problem.... this IS a Casino, with cameras everywhere.... right!?! Worked with Security, whom was really nice, and then they came back and said their video surveillance was 'inconclusive' and they couldn't help me. THANK GOODNESS, a state Gaming agent heard this, got with me, and said she'd check into it. Two hours later she called me, and said they had the whole incident and had identified who had backed into my vehicle, and had turned the information in to the Police. Now WHY couldn't have the initial Security Supervisor found that? I guess it was a lot easier to tell me it was inconclusive, rather than actually find the incident.... It had all the appearances of lip service, and being lazy. Again, thank goodness for the Gaming Agent, stepping up and taking care of a customer. Without finding out who had damaged my vehicle, I would have been on the hook for my $500 deductible, and the 'hit' on my insurance. But, instead 'their' insurance had to take care of it, and I didn't have to notify mine. The damage they did was around $3,500 !