Portico by Fabio Viviani Portico by Fabio Viviani
Restaurant @ del LAGO Resort and Casino
"Nina Melendez"
The food was fantastic and the service wonderful however our bill we signed and specifically wrote cash for gratuity ($20 for $93 bill). The original bill didn't include gratuity so we left cash. The bill we signed didn't list gratuity either. The total posted to the credit card was 112. Unfortunately my fiance left the receipt in the room so we requested a copy that took several attempts to get after the first request was never recieved. The copy they sent shows a $20 tip being added to the total which is completely wrong to do. That is not what was signed for so now we have to dispute this with the bank to get our $20 back. They didn't provide us with the original signed copy that shows we wrote cash on the gratuity line either. To go through such a hassle over dishonesty from a fine dining restaurant is completely disappointing and as a result I recommend future guests to use cash.