The O Bar The O Bar
Restaurant @ Santa Claran Hotel Casino
"anonymous user"
The food always comes out fresh and hot. The staff is friendly and informative. Always a great experience. Update: I use to come at least 3 or 4 times a month and almost always had a great experience. Unfortunately, for the last 6 months or so I have been coming in less and less. This is because things such as, in the bar area they leave all the tables full of dirty dishes. Even when they see you are trying to look for a table, they just walk right past you. Maybe it could be because it is close to shift change and they don't want new tables? The wait staff on either side are unattractive and does not seem like they want you there. I have to sit with an empty glass for most of the meal, the food is cold, like it was sitting they awhile before it came out or it comes out wrong. For example, I ordered fajitas and it did not come out steaming; onions and bell peppers were still hard. Another time I ordered the endless soup and salad. The waiter didn't like that because 'he was busy and had to make it himself'. He really didn't like when I got refills. He even tried saying it didn't come with chips and salsa. I had to show him the menu, I guess he use new. They only seem to be attentive right before it is time to pay the bill. I am usually not the type to complain, so I will not bring it to the managers attention and get anyone in trouble. I still really like chillis and will continue eat there. I just really hope the next time I go in these issues are resolved and if they are i will change this post. So i for now my rating goes from a 5 to a 2. P.S. please remove the bush next to the chillis-to-go door it smells like something died.