Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

URComped's goal is to help players like you get the best possible offers at as many casinos and cruise lines as possible. For players interested in unlocking new comp offers through URComped, the simple process is:

Create your free URComped account
Upload pictures of your currently valid casino offers
Once your uploaded offers are verified by the URComped team, your available casino offers will be visible under the "My Offers" tab in your account. When you book your first URComped trip, your URComped player profile with verified offers will be sent directly to the casino to complete the booking. On subsequent bookings, your play history from previous URComped trips will be included as well.

For cruise and caribbean casino requests, you will be corresponding with your assigned URComped Executive host.
For other land based casinos you will be connected directly with an on property casino host to ensure maximum speed, transparency and convenience in the booking process. These trip requests and offers will be labeled as Direct Connect
We are excited to help you unlock new comp offers and experience some of the best casino resorts and cruise lines in the world!
What level of player do I need to be to sign up for URComped?

Any level of player is welcome to sign up for URComped. Players that qualify for the most offers through URComped generally have: 

  • Elevated tier status in one or more casino loyalty programs

AND at least one of the following: 

  • Offers from land-based casinos with complimentary room nights and free play of at least $100 
  • Complimentary Cruise certificate offer(s) sent directly from the cruise line or from a land-based casino certificate event
  • A casino host assigned to you at one or more properties


Members that do not meet the above criteria would still be eligible for “Flash COMP” offers and exclusive casino rate discounts at our casino and cruise partners.

Why can't I just call the casino/cruiseline directly?

URComped's platform provides the most efficient way to leverage your player history and offers at competing properties. We have done the hard part and negotiated exclusive offers for you already.

How do you know who your URComped host is?

How do you know who your URComped host is if you've just signed up, and you haven't actually booked the trip? Everybody that signs up with URComped is assigned a host. Usually, you wouldn't really start interacting with the host until you request a trip.

You can view who your host is under My Profile> Meet My Host 

So the process is you sign up, you upload pictures of your offers, and you see what offers we're promoting for you. Once you request or claim an offer, it goes to the host, and they'll reach out to you to get any information that we need to book the trip. Now if you've signed up and have a question, you can reply to any of the emails we send (weekly emails with the offers) and your reply will automatically be sent to your host. You can also text a question to your host at 972-788-1785 or email

What if I don't have offers to upload to URComped?

From the perspective that you are a new player, or just you're not getting offers yet from casinos, URComped can book you at a casino rate for certain group events or meetup cruises. That's for players that don't have the gaming history, but they want to prove themselves and establish their play. Casino rate is a discounted rate, which is kind of your best bet.

We don't offer that on every cruise, but we do it on our our big meetup cruises. So if you log in and don't have any offers, you should still see some events with the discounted rate. 

Sometimes if you have a host or even a win/ loss statement from the casino, that could help you get offers. But if you don't have any offers and there's no way for us to prove to the casino that you're a player, then you just book on a casino rate for a meet up event.


How to use the Cruise Search Tool

Click tools in the menu bar, then select cruise search.
After that, you can filter by date, cruise line, departure port, and the length of the cruise in order to find the best sailing for you! 
Try it out! 


I just signed up with URComped. How do I get started?

If you have a cruise certificate or offers from land casinos, upload those, if you haven't. Also, if you have a casino host, you could tell your URComped host and we can reach out to them. You can either text a picture of your offer from your phone to 972-788-1785 or you can email your offers to Make sure to email from the email your URComped account is registered with and we'll get you set up. We're excited to work with you!

What is a Direct Connect Trip Request

Direct Connect offers and Direct Connect trip requests connect you directly with casino hosts working at the casino. Unlike standard URComped bookings you will not be working with your normal URComped Executive Host, so your experience may depend on the property we are connecting you with.



What is a House Customer?

URComped has contracts with our cruise line partners in order to help bring them NEW players. A new player is somebody that has never been on a specific cruise line, or at least never gambled on that cruise line before. An inactive player is someone who has sailed on a specific cruise line but has not sailed with them in a certain period of time (typically 12-24 months).

New players or Inactive players can both be introduced or reintroduced to a cruise line through URComped. (Once they have booked a cruise through URComped, that player will always be coded to URComped when booking with that cruise line, even if they book directly through the cruise line and not URComped.)

An Active player or House Customer is somebody that HAS sailed on a cruise line in the last 12 months (period of time depends on the cruise line). URComped can NOT book an Active Player or House Customer, because that player is not NEW to our Cruise line partner. The Cruise line already has a relationship with that player (House Customer). 

Players that are Active / House Customers will have to keep booking direct, until the 12-month window expires (period of time depends on the cruise line). So “active” really refers to the booking channel.  As long as we introduce you, or reintroduce you after a period of time, we can keep booking you with that cruise line. BUT If you want to try out a new cruise line, we have many options for you, that we can get you on!

What is bankroll or what length is my anticipated bankroll for?


What is a bankroll?

The bankroll amount listed in your account and on your trip request is your planned gambling budget or the amount you usually spend in the casino. Our cruise line and casino partners require that we get this information from you when we submit a comp reservation. They want to know, how much is this person planning to budget to gamble. Your bankroll and the offers that you upload are reviewed by our casino partners when they are determining what kind of comp to approve.  The casinos, as a rule of thumb, like to see three to four hours of play on average per day. 
We understand that your bankroll can fluctuate depending on the type or length of trip that you are booking. If your bankroll fluctuates it is important that you let your host know what you plan to bring for the trip you are trying to book so we can be sure that we are getting you the best deal possible.

What length is my "anticipated bankroll" for? Is that for a 7 day cruise? 

When you sign up for URComped, the prompt question asks, "If you took a 7 day cruise, what would your bankroll be?"

BUT! If you are requesting a 5 day cruise, you can state what your bankroll would be for that five day cruise. Ask yourself, "what is my loss limit? What is the most I'll spend in the casino playing?"

We have to be as transparent as possible with the cruise lines and they want to know what level of players they are getting. So bankroll is the budget for whatever length of cruise (or stay) you are planning on going on.

Be sure to state bankroll as accurately as possible. What could get a player suppressed from URComped offers is saying they have a high bankroll and then not playing close to that level. 

Why it's important? So let's say in an unfortunate situation, you book your trip and say your bankroll is $5000. Within the first 2 days of your cruise, you have terrible luck and blow through your bankroll. So then it's very likely you're not going to play for three hours per day if your bankroll is all gone in the first two days. The cruise line can look at your bankroll and know that that's why you stopped playing.

What is URComped Relay?

URComped Relay maintains the privacy of your email address while ensuring that you receive every offer and correspondence from URComped’s cruise and casino partners.

To do this, URComped provides our partners with a unique anonymous email address that automatically forwards all emails, unaltered, directly to you.

At any time, you may change your email address registered with the cruise or casino partner by contacting the partner directly. 

An added benefit of URComped Relay is that it makes it easier than ever to book your offers. You may reply to any URComped Relay email to send a message directly to your URComped host and begin the booking process. 

At URComped, we are always striving to provide our players with access to more offers while making the booking process as fast and convenient as possible and URComped Relay is a major advancement in this area. 

Does URComped always link a player's account to their spouses?

We do not- it is OPTIONAL.

After your first trip, you will get an email (once we get your play data) stating that your play is now verified and ask if you like us to link accounts with your guest. Do not link your account with someone who doesn't always travel with you.

If you do want to link accounts, respond "Yes, I'd like to link our accounts." Going forward, your offers would be based on your combined play.

Receiving Offers From URComped
How long does it take to receive offers once I sign up?

Offers based on your play history and completed profile are available after we verify your uploaded offers (we typically approve offers in 1-2 business days after you upload pictures) 

Your current offers are always available under My Offers

What offers could I get through URComped after giving them my gaming information?

We have a great tool that you can use to estimate your comps based on the games you play: Comp Calculator - This may give you an idea of what offers you would qualify for once completing your player profile. 

Do we upload new offers every time we get them from the casino?


If you've already sailed with URComped, then you don't need to upload new offers.

If it's been a while since you sailed with us (back in 2017), and the cruise line/ casino we're working with wants some kind of fresh data, we may ask for it then.

But, if you sailed recently with us, then all your offers going forward are going to be based on your play with URComped. So unless we ask for it, then you wouldn't have to keep uploading new offers.

If you haven't sailed with us yet, and you've uploaded offers that are verified, you shouldn't have to keep uploading offers unless something changes in a big way. For example, you uploaded land based casino offers and now you've gotten the invite to a cruise certificate event- You should upload that! Otherwise, you wouldn't need to continually upload new offers.

What offers can I expect from URComped if I already get comp cruises?

You can expect comparable offers if you want to try out new cruise lines. We create a marketplace where you are not trapped on one cruise line and can get great offers on other cruise lines. Before you take a trip through URComped, your offers are based on the offers you present to us. Then after your first URComped trip, your offers will be based on your actual play from that trip and future trips you take.

When will my URComped offers update after I've taken my first URComped trip?

Typically with the cruise lines, we'll get a report about two weeks after the end of the month. Once we have that report on the previous month, that's when it will update your offers on the URComped site. If you have a certificate onboard your cruise, we can book that right away. Even if it's before the end of the month, and you really need to book something, we can do a one-off for you with the cruise partner who has your play already in their system.


How far out can I schedule my trip?

If this is your first trip with URComped- For land based trips we recommend at least 30 days in advance of planned travel dates. For cruises, 90 days is recommended.

If you've already taken a trip with us, we can book up to a week before your trip but it depends on casino or cruiseline availability 

Does URComped offer international or overseas cruises?


Yes! We have several international/ overseas cruises. We have cruises out of Australia, going to Singapore, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Brazil, and more! Typically with our cruises that are more exotic, they tend to come quick and go quick. The casino blocks have less cabins, because they don't run these cruises as frequently. Therefore, something like a Mediterranean cruise offer would only have 5 - 10 cabins blocked for us to promote. Because they tend to go away fast, if you see one you like, definitely tell your URComped host that you are interested, and we'll get you booked on it!

Does URComped work with Land Based Casinos?

Yes, we do. Our big focus and the vast majority of our business is with cruise lines. We have a growing Caribbean casino business; we've got an event in July at Melia Punta Cana, which is going to be a ton of fun.

We do have some partnerships with land-based casinos. It's not something we focus on too much. You'll see on our site that we'll periodically have meetups or offers with Land Based Casinos. We do work with Golden Nugget. Sometimes we'll work with the Venetian. We've done events in Lake Tahoe before.  But our focus is on cruises and Caribbean casinos.

You just need to have taken a trip with URComped before or upload a land-based offer with free play. For these offers, that's going to be key in determining what comp you will get. So if you've played with us, then we'll know right where to put you, but if you haven't, we're going to use offers to qualify you for a stay at one of those resorts. The best way to determine if we work with the land-based casino you'd like to visit is by asking your URComped host. 

Why have my cruise offers seem to have gone down recently?

Due to supply and demand, some Cruise lines are raising their cabin prices. There is all this FCC that is in the system that is also causing the price of a cabin to go up. Because the prices are going up, the criteria to get a comp is as well. It is not that we are being penalized, it's that the cruise lines are saying to their casino department, "these cabins are more expensive so you, as the casino department, are going to have to pay more." 

Casino Comping
Do I need to send my Win/Loss statement to URComped?

For players who have not yet taken a trip through URComped, Win/Loss statements and tier status updates can be helpful, but the best thing to send us is your updated, best offers. Once you've taken a trip with us, your offers are based on your play data from your URComped trip(s), so unless there is a rare situation where we would ask for it, you don't have to send it to us.

Who do I call if I have a complaint about my trip?

The destination property or cruiseline is responsible for any concerns or complaints related to your trip. We encourage you to reach out to them directly. If you have difficulty contacting customer service then you are welcome to contact us to see if we can assist.

Do cruise lines give free drinks to casino players?


Absolutely! If URComped is booking you on a comp level and it's your first trip, the cruise line will give you that comp drink level. The expectation from the cruise line is that you earn that comp drink status on your first cruise. Then on your next cruise with that cruise line, you'll receive free drinks again.

In some cases, if it's a discounted cruise we are booking, then depending on the cruise line, they might not give comp drinks in the casino. But, if you're at a comp level and you are booking with us, you're going to get free drinks in the casino!

What if you don't spend what your bankroll is?

Let's say URComped sends somebody on a cruise and their expectation is $5000 bankroll. Then they clearly didn't play what the cruise line expected, what we expected and what we negotiated for. What happens is URComped doesn't give that player offers or the players offers will be significantly lower.

Certain land-based casinos (ex. Venetian, Baha Mar, etc.) could reverse the comp and make you pay for your room if you don't play to the expectation. URComped is up front to let a player know if there is a chance that a comp could be reversed. It will say it clearly in the offer.

Can casinos report a trip to URComped that URComped didn't book?


Is there a way to have a casino report a trip that URComped did not book? 

It depends!

If the player has a casino host at that casino, and they've got a good relationship with their host, then someone on the URComped team or your URComped host can call the host at the casino and get the play information. We then can use that play information. It's almost as good as a player taking a trip with us. This happens pretty often. 

But if you don't have a host, or one that is willing to talk to us, then it is tough to get that information.

What is an easy way to find an international cruise on

The Cruise Search Tool! So if you are logged in, select the tab that says "Tools", and then select "Cruise Search". You can filter by departure port. It could be Rome, Barcelona, Sydney, Singapore, and more. If it's an international departure port, it's more than likely going to be an international cruise. There are transatlantic which can be tricky because they may leave from a domestic port like Miami.

Which cruise ships are kid-friendly?

I've got 3 kids, and I've taken them on Royal Caribbean Oasis Class ships and on the Mariner of the Seas and Royal Caribbean does a great job with kids. I've taken them on the MSC Armonia, and there wasn't a lot for kids, but on the MSC Seaview, which is the sistership the Seaside, there's a lot to do for kids. And we went on the MSC Divina with the kids and there's a lot. So the MSC SeasideMSC Divina and then any Royal Caribbean ship are going to have a lot of kid stuff to do.

Can I join a craps cruise if I do not play craps?

The theme is craps cruise and there's going to be a lot of craps players but don't worry about that because every craps cruise we have slot players, blackjack players, and by no means are you taking away cabins from craps players. We block more cabins then we know are going to be taken by craps players. We also have slot tournaments and slot pulls on our Craps Cruises. It's a lot of fun.

How far out can you purchase travel insurance?

Different travel insurance companies have different rates and requirements. The best way to find out about your specific trip is by using, entering your dates, and comparing the different travel insurance options.  

Booking Trips
I Earned a Cruise Offer from a Land Based Casino- Do I Have to Book it Direct?

We are often asked, "If I earn a cruise certificate (offer) from a land based casino, can I book it through URComped?"

Well there is bad and good news!!

The bad news is, no, we cannot book that exact certificate.


The good news is we can book that same offer and maybe a better one for you.

SO how it works.. Land based casinos use cruise offers to promote their own casino, sometimes through events. The cruise line sets the criteria pretty high in order to receive one of their certificates, because players will stay at land based casinos less days than on a cruise. (The cruise line wants to have a player that will play at a high level for the entirety of the cruise.)

Let's say a player receives one of these certificates for an interior cabin with a list of 15 sailings to choose from from a land based casino.

The offers that URComped gives to a player with the same level of play tend to be higher, because URComped members are more marathon runners than sprinters, and we have reliable data for our cruise line partners. Especially if someone has taken a URComped trip, we can see how they played for an extended time vs. 2-3 days of play at a land based casino. Therefore the cruise line give our players better offers. The player that received an interior cabin with the land based casino, could instead qualify for an ocean view or ocean view- balcony with URComped.

Most of our players are established cruise players, so offers we receive are more aggressive typically and higher in quantity (We may have 200 sailings to choose from for a cruise line.)

There are situations that would be better to book direct. If you have played with URComped before, and you didn't play well on that cruise line (the one you got a certificate for), your offers from us could be lower than the certificate. But once you receive a certificate, the cruise line has to honor it as a direct booking. Learn how your URComped Offers Work and Where They Come From.

In either case, your URComped host will tell you what will get you the best deal, whether booking through us or booking direct.

Call/ Text: 972-788-1785 or Email:



Can I use a Certificate to book a Cruise through URComped?


If I earn a cruise certificate on board, or as a tier benefit, can I book it through URComped. Can I give my certificate to someone else?

So let's say you earn a certificate on your first cruise, and now you want to book your second URComped cruise. There are two roads that we can go on. (This is what your URComped host will do to get you the best offer possible.)

1. The certificate is going to have sailings listed at a specific cabin category. If you want to use your certificate, we can only book you on the sailings that are listed at the cabin category that you received (Inside, Ocean View, Balcony). They are not transferable, meaning you wouldn't be able to give your certificate to a friend. 

2. We can use your play data from the trip you earned the certificate on, which is probably pretty good since you earned a certificate, to book you on any of our other sailings or get you a better deal (because of the special relationship we have with our cruise partners.) The certificates have a cash value (ex: $500 or $1,000) as well that can be applied towards the cost of another sailing.

Your URComped host will look at what's going to get you the best deal/ offer!

In regards to using the certificate for a second room, the Cruise lines won't let us transfer certificates, because they're giving it to a player, because of how much that person plays in the casino. They don't want to give it to your 17 year old nephew, that isn't old enough to gamble. The offers are for the person that earn the offer.

Can 2 Members of the Same Household Book 2 Certificates on the Same Cruise?


Let's say a player receives either an annual free cruise (tier benefit), for up to eight days, or an onboard certificate, earned from play during a cruise. Can two members of the same household book two different cabins on the same sailing? The certificate says that you can't book two cabins on the same cruise.

But! The new policy is that, if we ask, they can override that and give you two different cabins. The official policy is you CAN book two different cabins with your separate certificates, BUT you and the other household member have to stay in the two different cabins booked under your name. If the ship finds out that you are not actually sleeping in the cabin that your certificate covered, they could reverse the comp on the cabin you didn't stay in.

We are not sure exactly how the ship could enforce that or find out... It seems a little difficult.

The point is, you can book both certificates as long as you stay in the separate cabins that YOUR certificate covered. 

Will URComped automatically try to upgrade my onboard cruise certificate?

We will always try. No matter what, the cruise line has to honor what is on the certificate at the least. What could happen, is that the price of the sailing you are interested in goes up, and if it wasn't on that certificate, you wouldn't be able to book that cabin category.  The reverse can happen as well! It's on the certificate and for whatever reason the price goes down. All of a sudden, we have access to get you a higher cabin category at a price that would normally be what you originally qualified for. We will always check to see if we can get you a better deal than what's on the certificate. 


How do trade-in value cruise certificates work?

A lot of cruise certificates will say a cabin type offer or trade-in Dollar Amount. On the back, it will have a list of 20-40 sailings where you can use that certificate for a specific cabin offer. That means if you were to choose a sailing, not on the certificate, the cruise line would look at the price of the sailing you chose and deduct the dollar amount of the certificate from the sailing's price. 

Can URComped book me if I've already sailed with that cruise line before?

URComped has contracts with our cruise line partners in order to help bring them NEW players.
A new player is somebody that has never been on a specific cruise line, or at least never gambled on that cruise line before.
An inactive player is someone who has sailed on a specific cruise line but has not sailed with them in a certain period of time (typically 12-24 months).
New players or Inactive players can both be introduced or reintroduced to a cruise line through URComped. (Once they have booked a cruise through URComped, that player will always be coded to URComped when booking with that cruise line, even if they book directly through the cruise line and not URComped.)
An Active player or House Customer is somebody that HAS sailed on a cruise line in the last 12 months (period of time depends on the cruise line).
URComped can NOT book an Active Player or House Customer, because that player is not NEW to our Cruise line partner. The Cruise line already has a relationship with that player (House Customer). 
Players that are Active / House Customers will have to keep booking direct, until the 12-month window expires (period of time depends on the cruise line). So “active” really refers to the booking channel. 
As long as we introduce you, or reintroduce you after a period of time, we can keep booking you with that cruise line. BUT If you want to try out a new cruise line, we have many options for you, that we can get you on!

Can URComped book me on sailings that aren't on the website?


If you want to book something in the future on certain dates, the answer is YES! We have got offers that go out about 13 months right now.

If you've sailed with URComped before, you can talk to your host and book something that's not promoted. We will get you the best offer possible. If it's your very first trip, you do have to book one of our promoted offers (something that's on the website when you are logged in).

After you've uploaded your offers and have been pre-qualified. We've got a plethora of sailings to choose from. Once you complete your first trip, then you can book another sailing that isn't listed on our site, if you want.

When you are thinking about booking your next sailing, please talk to your host!

Can you choose your own cabin, or are they assigned?


Yes, you can choose your cabin, based on availability.

The offers we promote can sometimes fall under a certain category within balcony, ocean view, or inside. As long as you choose a cabin that is in the same category as what we are able to comp you, you can select your cabin from what is available.

Can I book a cabin for my family or just casino players?

Yes, URComped can book more than just gamblers. We have people that bring the kids all the time, but the cruise line won't comp the minors.

To go into detail, if it's a single adult with a child, then the cruise line would comp the adults fair, but they would not comp the child. If it's two adults and one child, they would comp the two adults and the minor would have to pay.

In relation, for example, going from a two-person comp to wanting to book four people the price change is way more than what the player expects. And so we get questions like "If its comped for two why does it cost $3,000 or something for a comp for four?"

To explain- Let's say that for a double occupancy cabin it's $800 per person for two adults. So the comp amount is $1600.

So for 2 adults, the casino has agreed to comp $1600, and the 2 adults then decide to bring 2 kids. The thought process typically makes you think that the kids are less expensive (maybe around $400) so you think that you'd pay $800 for taxes and fees

On the contrary, there are not many quad or 3-person cabins on the ship within the different cabin categories. What happens with a quad, because they're in a lot more demand, instead of the cabin being $800 for the two adults, it jumps up to $1400, even though it's still the same category cabin (balcony, inside, etc.).

So now the price has jumped and the casino is only comping $1600, which doesn't even cover the cost for 2 adults in a Quad cabin, and you still have to pay for kids (maybe $500 per kid).  So this is why sometimes if you're adding extra guests, the price jumps up more than you might think.

How long will it take for a host to get back to me?

We strive to get back as fast as possible. Our core values are A.C.T.S. A is for Access, C is for convenience, T is trust and transparency and S is for speed and special service. We're very focused, getting back to people as fast as possible. In periods of super high demand, response times maybe a little bit delayed. On average within one business day, you should get a response. But again, if hosts are slammed- it maybe two to three business days. Most people who have used URComped have commented that our team is generally very responsive.

Also, depending on when the cruise line gets back to your host will affect when your host can get back to you with certain information. If you're a new member with URComped, We have to send information over in order to get your comp approved. A lot of times your host is waiting on the cruise line. If you have ever booked something with us at a Caribbean casino just be prepared, because they're on Island time.

Is it better to book through URComped or direct through a cruise line for a Non Comped Cruise?

If you're starting out and don't really have any good offers, you may be wondering, "Is it better to start and try to book direct and build up offers, or go with URComped initially?" You should book with us if you have no history with the cruise line. 

If you book direct with the cruise line, then URComped won't be able to book you there for a certain amount of time, because the way our deal works with the cruise lines.

But if you book with us, we can put you on your first trip on a casino rate (discount rate) which is better than booking through a travel agent. Plus, if you play at a land based casino and have offers, we may be able to give you some additional discounts. So we'd recommend that you start with us, let us build up your your profile. Then on the next cruise, you will get even better offers. We have offers direct from the cruise line you want as well as our own offers and other cruise line offers.

Cruise Capacity for Casino VIPS

It doesn't make for a good experience if you're in the casino and can't get a slot machine, all the tables are filled, and its way too crowded. What some cruise lines do is put a cap on the number of comp players overall that will be on any particular sailing. Sailings that are on certificates or direct mail pieces tend to reach casino capacity faster.

The cruise line won't take any more bookings, not because the ship is sold out, but the number of casino VIPs onboard has reached the limit.  So when you see an offer, jump on fast.

How many cruises can you have booked with URComped at one time?

You must take your first URComped trip before booking more offers. After that first trip, then it's generally based on the cruise line, They'll sometimes put caps, and your URComped host will let you know. More often than not, after the first trip, we can book you on as many as you like unless the cruise partner caps it. 

Does URComped have a penalty for canceling or changing your cruise?

Right now, in the age of COVID, so many companies have very flexible cancellation policies that our partners generally aren't keeping deposits. From the URComped side, the hosts put a lot of work into each reservation sent. If somebody repeatedly cancels bookings after the host gets everything booked, then there is something in the terms of service where you would have to put a deposit down. This does not happen often.

Does URComped have a different number for International (non-U.S.) Players to Call?

Yes, It's 1-855-526-6733. Feel free to send us an email as well at


Solo Travel
Can a cruise be booked for one passenger or is a second one needed?

You can book for one passenger! Any comp that we show is for two, but if you qualify for it and want to sail solo, that's totally fine. All of our offers are based on double occupancy. For pricing, please claim the offer you are interested in and your bid will show you the breakdown in pricing for cruise fare per person as well as any associated port fees and taxes. If you decide to sail solo, you will pay both fares as though two guests are sailing but only port fees and taxes for yourself. If your cabin is fully comped. you will just pay port fees and taxes for yourself to secure your cabin.

If you are on the fence about having a guest or not- If you don't have a guest right now and think you'll have one- then it's a good idea to book and put a placeholder name in for your second guest. You do this so that when you get closer to the sail date, and the ship fills up (there's a Coast Guard mandated limit), if you want to have a guest you've already got that place holder. If you registered single and then you want to add a second person, but the ship is already over that limit, you may not be able to. If you're just you're planning on finding another adult guest, you pick anybody, and we'll swap it out later.

Casino Play
How do shorter or longer cruises affect your rate of play?


There are 2 key measures for how offers are calculated. URComped will qualify you based on which of the two is higher in order to get you the best offer possible.

1. Average Daily Theoretical (ADT)

2. Average Trip Theoretical (ATT)

A player's average daily play should be consistent, or maybe even higher on a shorter cruise (so you can use ADT to qualify) or if you tend to do longer trips, your average trip play is going to be higher.

Taking shorter or longer cruises shouldn't affect your rate of play as long as you play as consistent on your shorter trip or even a little bit more on a per day basis.

We treat Bahamas Paradise differently from other cruise lines, since those cruises are such a short trip. They are treated similarly to a land based casino trip, so it won't affect your cruise offers.

Will my casino play with one cruise line affect my offers from another cruise line?

Let's say you're established with one cruise line through URComped at an ocean view level, and then you play slightly less or more on a different cruise line. Would that affect your original offers? The answer is it depends! We silo the offers based on the partner/ cruise line.

If your very first cruise through URComped was with MSC, for example, then we've got the actual play data on that first MSC trip.  All your cruise offers can be based on that until you go on another trip. Let's say you go to a different line, Royal Caribbean, and now your Royal Caribbean offers will be based on just your Royal Caribbean play, and your MSC offers will be based on just your MSC play. The other offers with other cruise lines will be based on the average of the two.

As soon as you start establishing play with individual cruise lines, your offers are based on your play with that specific line.

Because Royal Caribbean and Celebrity are sister companies does that have a different dynamic? No, they're two different cruise lines and they treat play separately.

Will bad play in one cruise line's casino put booked trips at risk?

Potentially. This is pretty rare and is determined on a case by case basis. Most players we book are consistent when it comes to their play. But anytime you don't play on a trip, it will affect future offers. 

With URComped, your trips are based on a rolling average of your play. So if you played well on 3 trips and on your fourth trip, your play was down, it would bring your average down, but not drastically, depending on the case. The more good trips you have the less one bad trip will affect your offers.

If you don't play in Cruise Line A's casino and you have 2 more comped trips booked through Cruise Line A after that trip, then they may look at your future trips and reevaluate the comp. They'll look at how big the investment is on their part.  There's not like a hard and fast policy on it, but it could be concerning and would definitely affect future URComped offers if play dropped off.

How does URComped rate players based on just their uploaded offers?


When uploading an offer, let's say from Carnival Cruise Line, URComped doesn't receive your actual play data from that trip. We have a lot of offers that get uploaded daily, and we have a lot of people that take trips after that their offers are uploaded. We use the offers that are uploaded to figure out what kind of player that the casino or cruise line thinks you are. Then we give you an appropriate comp. 

To get a comped cruise for 2, do we have to have offers for both people?

To get a cruise totally comped for a couple, do they have to have offers for both people or just for one?

You only have to have one player's offers to get a comped cruise.

It does help to have both because that will show that both people in the cabin play. Generally speaking, the comp would be based on whoever seems to be the bigger player for that first trip. The reason why is that some people go to a land-based casino(we even tell people this to maximize your comps) and both of you play on the same player's card. That way, it looks like you're one player that plays big, and on the next trip, you both play on the other person's players card. Eventually, they both look like two pretty big players, when really they're individually half the amount.

The cruise lines decide who has the better offers and then they'll comp based on that. On your first cruise, after you actually play with us, URComped will combine your play for all future offers. If you want to link your URComped accounts, your offers would be based on your combined play.

In summary, if it's your very first trip, it's tough to combine but can be done. Otherwise, your offers would be just based on one person's offers.

What table games give you the best comps?

Roulette is going to give you good comps. Three card poker is pretty good out of the common table games. Craps is one that's on the opposite end of the spectrum. It is really tough to generate points, same with Baccarat. The games that can be slower, or where the house edge is really small (the theoretical just doesn't generate as fast and comps are based on on theoretical) are going to generate comps less aggressively. We've got a lot of table players, especially where their theo doesn't generate a lot, but their actual play can be higher. One of the special perks about URComped is we're able to look at either and then negotiate on a player's behalf to get the best offer.

Do Casinos give better comps to people further away?

Do players from out of the country get better offers? NO.

Offers with cruise lines are based on how much they play and trip theoretical.

Do Las Vegas casinos give better offers to people that are further away compared to their local players? YES!

That same principle applies to any local casinos. There's definitely a proximity principle where a player who lives right next to the casino is going to come in no matter what vs. someone who is two hours away is going to need a sweeter offer to get them there. Somebody further away from a land-based casino may get a better offer than someone closer, even though they are the same level player. 

Why do I qualify for different cabin categories when the price of the sailings are the same online?

So let's say you qualify for a Balcony on a meetup cruise and qualify for a discounted rate for another sailing through URComped. Then you go online to the cruise line's website and see the retail price for both these sailings are almost identical. So the question is... Why do I qualify for two different comps on two different sailings that are the same price?

Most of the time, the casino rates that we get are far better than the non refundable travel agent rates or whatever they're pushing. Sometimes the casino rates and the travel agent rates are the same. Very rarely are the travel agent rates better than the casino rate, which we have access too, and can book players at the best rate.

So on that meetup cruise, the casino rate is way lower, and that's why you see a comp balcony. Whereas on that other cruise, the casino rates are close to, or the same as, the travel agent rates. That is why you are seeing that difference in your Comp level for the sailing. 

Back when the Celebrity Edge came out, they were selling retail balconies for $7,000. Celebrity came to us 3-6 months out asking us to bring some players and fill some of these cabins. On that sailing, the casino hidden rate was "next to nothing," so we were able to get really aggressive with our offers. But when you look online you see, "Oh, that's a $7,000 cabin, and I'm getting it for free. Why can't I get a comp on this Royal ship, where the cabin is only $3000." The math makes sense, but the reason why is because there's all these different rates that are not made public.

What Cruise Ships Have the biggest casinos?

Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class ships have the biggest casinos. Those are the only ships, within the cruise lines we work with, that have 2 craps tables within the casino. They are big, wide ships. MSC's newest ships are the second-largest ship class and have good-sized casinos as well.

Does playing for a small amount of time on your last day affect your ADT?

In general, no, it's not going to lower your ADT. And the reason is that if you're staying on a hotel offer in the land-based casino, they know you're staying for x number of days. So that last day is going to count whether you play or not. Similar for cruise ships; they know you're on a seven-day cruise. So if you take two days off and think, "oh, they're only going to divide my play by five instead of the full seven," that's not the case, they're going to calculate the full seven days. At land-based casinos, be cautious about dropping in and playing for five minutes. Lets say, on average you're playing, $400 in theoretical per day, and you show up you play for five minutes and you get a 2 theoretical, then that can obviously bring down that 400 average quite a bit which will affect your offers with that casino.